Hi. That's me. I'm Kevin Gallardo, an event coordinator, food writer, content specialist, brand marketing professional, graphic designer, writer, and overall good guy. 

I'm born and raised in Toronto, and I've accomplished a few things in this beautiful city. I've helped grow a startup business from zero users to over 5000 active users in a 1-year span, which grew into a business that has hosted a number of events with over 15,000 total attendees.

I have a food blog where I write about food in my city that I like. If you need a place for your mom's birthday, I know the spot.

Now I spend most of my time working with brands on perfecting their content strategy. If your brand doesn't look pretty online, then is anyone really looking at it? Let me help you with that. I'm proficient in brand creation and graphic design, working with clients to make their brands look beautiful, both online and in person. I know what looks good and what sounds good, and, most importantly, I know how to create it. 

Let's get started.