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I'm Kevin Gallardo, and I'm born and raised in Toronto. This is important because for the most part that's where all my content comes from. I'm the guy that writes each post, that takes every picture, that edits every piece, and that talks to people that I want to talk to. I'm pretty straight forward on this site. I tell it like it is and I write what I want to write. Easy as that.

I started this as a way to showcase my city in the best way I know how, and that's through my words and through me knowing the food scene in this city. There are so many spots that aren't talked about and so many people doing the damn thing in Toronto that aren't heard, and that's important to me to promote. Food is meant to be shared, and stories are meant to be read. The spots I love I want you to love; not just because the food is bomb, but because of how important I see it being in my vision of my city.

You can google your next dinner spot. Whatever, that's boring. Or you can keep reading my stuff and hear my truth. 

I eat.

I cook.

I listen.

I write.

All in my Toronto.