Grande Cheese

Grande Cheese has most definitely etched itself into the tapestry of my life. When I think about my life, Grande Cheese has been there throughout all stages. That’s how many times I’ve been to this place. You turn right on Orfus and it’s there, beckoning me to come in, with the same logo it’s had its entire life.


Dude it’s a meca. The name is literally Big Cheese. They got big cheese alright. They are the big cheese. They got all you want for cheese. I’ve always been set. The deli counter is supreme as well, and has served me well over the years. It’s always been a one stop shop for me because I love my sandwiches so much. So it would be obvious why a place like this is one of the most relevant in my life. I’m a regular


There are good things that have been created, or atleast accelerated, because businesses have had to adapt. This happens to be one of those cases. Grande Cheese never had pizza before. This only started up during the pandemic, and as a regular, I was shocked.


The slices look pristine, the toppings were exciting, and they were huge. For like 3 bucks. Do you understand how much of a score that is to find an insta regular spot with bomb ass pizza that’s 5 minutes from me. Game changer.


Ya the actual pizza is extremely serviceable. Not my all time favorite, but a really good OG style homemade vibe kinda slice. It will hold you down, it's cheap, and it is made with things that they actually have. I’m getting pizza from the guy that is the spot for cheese and meat.


With that being said, there are times when the pizza can be better. Like when I’ve made it at home and pull it a little too early. You gotta ask them to cook it for three more minutes, you know crunchy on the bottom. But hey, that’s how it goes sometimes. You fine tune your fav spots and you get the most out of them.


It’s really that straight forward. It’s a slice that I can go get at mostly any point and it’ll do me right. My buddy that I pick up my pizza from knows me well, so he hooks me up with the fresh slices, or he’ll throw a few more toppings on to make it worthwhile. I’ve been around here a while, I think I deserve it.