Juicy Dumpling

It’s a bite size post for y’all this week. My brains snowed in and I don’t like the cold. Snow is good for maybe 5 minutes then it turns into disgusting slush for way longer than needed. That’s why I’m in a perma mood for fast and quick right now. Easy is the name of the game, so good thing I got the lowdown. Juicy Dumpling is where I’m taking you. Let’s run.


I’ve been to Juicy Dumpling maybe 14 times and I’ve dropped probably $30 total. Reason 1 why I go here. There’s a huge sign plastered on the wall that tells you all you need to know. 6 dumplings for 3 bucks. This is that quick and fast lifestyle. I wait max 10min for my shit too. It’s nice not waiting.

edit (2 of 1).jpg

I mostly come here for one thing. That 6pc for $2.99 will forever call my name. The regular soup dumplings are straight delicious. It’s like a meat juice bomb. Some choose to bite into it and spoon out the soupy meaty broth. You might as well be sitting down and use a fork if you’re trying to be that fancy. Not me. I pop these bad boys in like they’re Welchs. It’s pork forward. The dumpling is soft and easy to break through, the broth is rich and warm, and the pork filling is porky and filling. 3 bucks. Fuck ya.

edit (2 of 1)-2.jpg

Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes I mix it up and get a little something else instead of two orders of the go-to. These are the pan fried chicken dumplings, and it’s a nice switch up to get something pan fried with a crispy bottom after running through the soft delicate soup dumplings. Texture is important. There’s a reason why we don’t blend everything. They’re pretty good, and do the same job being cheap and filling, but still nothing really holds a candle to the bad boys up above. Can’t go wrong though.