Mattys' Pattys


Smashed burgers are really the only burgers I want. I am NOT here for the piled high monstrosities that you need to unhinge your jaw to try and get everything in one bite. Like what are you doing man. Understand simple burger construction first please. How is that enjoyable for anyone? I AM here for getting my burger and getting my large Kawhi hands and smashing everything together. I literally do this because it's the one and only way to eat a burger. I put my palm on the top bun and I smash straight down. Everything oozes everything joins and it's game time. 


To me it's pretty easy to understand why smash burgers are far superior. You take the beef and you put it on the plancha and you smash it straight down. You hold it there for a bit so that the face of the burger gets all crispity and crunchity. Texture man. Fuck grill marks, what do they even do for you. I want two smashed pattys over one fat patty every single day.

Now if you're around the food scene (like me!)  you've seen Matty's Pattys before. You know who Matty Matheson is and you've heard those words. You've watched him on his YouTube page make them and you understand the idea behind them. Me and Matty, we share the same burger philosophy. There's no bullshit here. The man literally made a video on how to make them. It's a double cheeseburger with this everything sauce that he mixes up. So simple. So easy. Insanely good. Look at that picture man. What else would you ever want in a burger.


The sauce itself needs a little section in this post. It's like lava oozing with the cheese to make this melty chunky saucy sauce that coats everything. It might have even coated a spot on my sweater. Who knows. Everyone has their own special sauce, but I want this one. Mustard, mayo, ketchup. The holy trinity of sauces. Diced pickles, diced onion. Brain dead simple. Again, I don't want this super fancy port wine reduction sauce with blah blah on my burger. I want something that is simple and brings me back to the OG diner burgers that always kept it straight up. This is that for me. 


To be straight, there's nothing in this burger that I've never tried before. I've had patties, I've had a sesame seed bun and cheese and the secret sauce in some capacity. Again, no bullshit here. But it's when it all comes together that marriage is what makes me want to come back here over and over again. The patties are quality meat and they're thin, meaning they have that crunch on the outside. You top them with cheese and stack them and you start getting that cheesy meaty vibe. The sauce is oozing and the pickles and onions serve as that callback to those barbecues I wish I can be a part of right now. 

This was an easy one to write because I already had it in my mind that this would be a new spot for me. Like I already said me and Matty Matheson share the same burger philosophy, so if this is coming from his brain then it's now a part of my rotation. Go try it or don't, do whatever you want. But if you want to be happy then go reserve your pickup time on their site (covid lol). Or don't. I will.