One thing that I have a problem with is sushi. I love it so much that I go a little overboard when I get it. You know when you eat so much you don’t want to see it again for a month? Ya that kind of love. I could quench my thirst and order but that would be a big boy money order and I’m not trying to do that. I’m out here looking for solutions, and I think I got one. I’m new to the sushi burrito game but damn baby welcome me with open arms because I’M IN.


People have been loving these things for a long time but I never cared for them because I would sit down at my spot, order on the iPad, and be filled with happiness and zero regret. I can’t do that now, so it’s a good time to try the unknown. 


I love the branding at Mi’Hito so I knew this was the place. If your brand looks good and your packaging is on point then I’m instantly attracted. 


I’m greeted by a piece of paper that allows me to write down exactly what I want without interacting with anyone. A perfect system. 


I’m thinking go big or go home, so I roll the dice with unagi and lobster. It’s fucking $16, so this shit better be worth it. I add arugula, more unagi, avocado, edamame, pickled cucumber, shredded crab meat, spicy mayo, tobiko, green onion, sesame seeds. I don’t know what’s the most optimal combination so I added shit I like. That’s not important here, build whatever you want.


The goal of this excursion is to see if this will satisfy that sushi pit. Mission accomplished. I’ve opened my eyes to sushi burritos. They’re damn expensive, but they’re massive. It’s a rice seaweed burrito with bare healthy shit. Most importantly it feels like sushi and it does the damn job. 


The only negative is that you need all hands on deck to make sure it doesn’t disintegrate while eating. Seaweed tears like actual paper and will fuck up your burrito etiquette. Many napkins were needed, but fuck it it tasted good. Eat it in an alley or something.