Pho Anh Vu


My guy. My people. I need to say something. I fucking love pho. Not like the kind of love your girl says when she tells you she loves sushi and then makes you eat everything she ordered on top of all the shit you got. This is a deep kind of love. The kind that warms you up from the inside (actually quite literally) and fills you up with beef broth and noodle happiness. It’s so fucking perfect.

Now, there is bad pho. The kind that’s maybe a little too watery and kinda looks like dirty mop water. No bueno. Or the kind that has the cheap meat that reminds you of leather. I’ll hold off on that, thanks. And because there are a million pho places in the city, there has to be bad spots. I’ve tried them before, so I know there are. But there’s one place that I go to that I haven’t found anything better. It’s walking distance from me, and it’s hidden away in a corner behind an atrocious Red Lobster. My kind of spot. Let me tell you about the pho at Pho Anh Vu.


The thing that strikes me every time I have the pho is how rich the broth is. If you know anything about pho then you know that it lives and dies by its broth. This broth right here man, deep as kind be. There are no impurities and it looks clear and clean, meaning that they took the time to skim and attend to their masterpiece. You get the complexity in flavour, tasting the ginger and coriander amongst a multiple of other flavours. Brother, everything sings in this bowl. The beef flavour is strong, lending to the fact that the bones have been simmering for a long, long time. I get mine with the rare beef, and tendon. So perfect and so soft, there is so much beef in this thing that I have to take breaks of not eating it so I can try something else. But this is the good quality shit, understand that. To contrast the rich and spice broth, the bowl is finished with Thai basil leaves, more onions and scallions, and lime, which is so important. 


Just imagine the best hug you've ever had. That’s what this bowl is. It warms you from the inside, and each spoonful stands up to the last one, until it’s all gone. It’s like watching a movie that was amazing from beginning to end; every step of the way it holds my hand and brings comfort. The beef is quality, and it’s very clear when you try it. You need to try it to truly get what I’m saying. This is the best I’ve tasted in the city by far, and I’ve tried a lot.    


They also have this tray at every table that has a bunch of shit you can add to whatever you’re eating. I don’t really touch anything else other than this. I don’t know what the fuck is added or done to these chilies but it’s so perfect and so spicy that I add spoonfuls of this shit to my pho. It’s so addicting man, and I’m constantly on a quest to find out how they make it but most of their waiters don’t speak the best English and I’m not trying to struggle. For you regular boring people that hurt with spicy Doritos then this will blow your face off. I’ve seen people smell it and immediately put it away. But for me it’s what I want on everything and I will eat it by the spoonful. You guys are addicted to darts, I’m addicted to Thai chilies. We are not the same.


As the weather gets colder and the patios are looking less and less like somewhere I want to go I’m more inclined to stick to my go-tos and have something that I know will hit the spot every damn time. I’m not trying to hug none of you people, but I will hug this bowl real hard. Oh, and the rest of the menu is fucking killer and the prices are so good. It’s the perfect place man, and the fact that I can walk to it is very dangerous for me. Pho Anh Vu, you have my heart. Please guys, support local because the food industry still isn’t where it should be, and please please please remember that this virus is still very much out there. Be safe, and have pho.