Seven Lives


An institution. Been at the top of my list for a while now, and that’s a rare thing to do in the uber competitive food landscape that is Toronto. It’s a place that I still bring new people to, and it never ever fails to disappoint. I’m not afraid to talk that negative talk if the food ain’t right, but none of that here. Oh Seven Lives, please please please never close. 

Your boy had a little bit of a sad day walking into the new location for my first time because the cabesa taco was no more and the pulpo was out of stock. The humanity. That’s BEEN my rotation for the longest time. But I’m a fast thinker. I thrive under pressure. This is what I do. Try something else boring ass.


In honor of the new location I thought I would go back to one of the real OG menu items. If you’re any kind on taco spot then you got banging carnitas on the menu. None of that dry ass sandpaper shit. Something to make me remember you by. You can’t be slinging pizza if your margarita is lame. Same rules apply here.


Just like it always was. 

Braised pork shoulder with guac and pico. This is the ultimate form of pulled pork. At its best it’s juicy, moist, and the most porky. Pork forward baby. 

It’s rich and it’s tender, reminiscent of a confit, and the edges are crispy. It’s delicately flavoured with a mix of spices, but let’s not get it twisted here. This is piggy at its best. Add the pico, guac, and a little hello of lime on the top and oh boy I’m laughing. It’s a fucking monster to pick up, but you gotta work for most good things.


Doesn’t pollo asado sound so good. Like the actual words make the food taste better. 

So smooth. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if the chicken was marinated in the same shit the pork for the carnitas was, because it’s got a similar flavor profile. Citrus is king in this part of the food world; you can tell by the orangey color on the outside of the chicken. Like both squads had the same background singers, but different headliners. 

The chicken is coming straight off the grill, so the marks are there. You can’t fake that. It’s juicy as hell too, which ain’t the easiest thing coming off that cooking surface. It’s a leaker, so watch the kicks.

So good. So filling. So consistent. Keep being you Seven Lives. Keep being you.