"I had this in my fridge" Toast

In my circle I get asked kinda often what they should make with the ingredients that they got. I always like this kind of stuff because I need to think fast, think about what’s easy enough to make for anyone and guide them through the damn thing. Usually I help them, but sometimes I get too excited and I think about what I would make and not what they can make. You see, there’s the important distinction. Whatever, I’m just here to help (but get low key better you know)!


I’ve done my Quarantine Kev videos and I might do more of those. But I’m thinking maybe I should start writing out the shit I make because there are so many that are scared to cook and see it as something so daunting. Naw baby girl, come into my world and let me show you how easy this shit can be.

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Dope Ass Bread


Olive Oil





Not pictured: salt, pepper, garlic powder, peanuts (because I’m dumb)

I know you’ve had your avo toast. You’ve made it and posted it and felt as good as you did when you posted your magnificent acai bowl. All you did was line up the chia seeds with the oats, take a seat please.

I love my toast, but mine looks a little bit different than yours. I like to turn mine up a bit, and I promise you this took a little more time than yours did. Trust me, really.


The only thing you cook here is the sausage, and it’s like the most basic cooking. Make sure it’s not pink and you're good. Everything else was picked just because it looked fresh and they work together. I wanted pesto and I wanted bruschetta. That simple.

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The left is the pesto. Look up a recipe on how to make it, they’re literally all the same. There are times where I like my pesto with less oil and more basil, and this is that time. I didn’t have pine nuts so I used peanuts, which ended up making the pesto more dense which low key worked out because it was hella spreadable.


The right is the avocado. I like it real simple. Salt, pepper, garlic powder. Mash that shit up and spread it on. There’s the recipe.

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Here’s where it gets exciting. 


The pesto is strong on its own, so I don’t really want to add some crazy shit and take it over the top. Again, simple is key. I had some Italian sausage in the fridge and some shaved parm. Ten minutes in the pan and you layer it on the bread. You just made sausage and shaved parm on pesto toast. 


The avocado in my mind is more of the supporting actor. The second in command. The foundation. The cherry tomatoes are the Batman, here to bring everything home and give you that veg that your body so desperately craves for. Just like a bruschetta, I add olive oil, salt, pepper, green onions to the quartered tomatoes. I could eat this all day man, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how good this can be. Try it for yourselves man, damn.

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