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How can we increase newsletter signups using protein samples?


Target the Toronto Maple Leafs fandom with Toronto themed brand packaging and contest promotion by Joe Thornton, one of the investors for Outcast Foods. A QR code will be included on each package that will link directly to a newsletter signup link. Participants must scan the code and sign up for the newsletter to be included in the draw for a signed Joe Thornton hockey stick.


With how crazy the Toronto Maple Leaf's fandom is in Toronto it's important to take advantage of it when possible.

Joe Thornton, an Outcast Foods investor, has recently joined the Leaf's for the upcoming season.

The public perception for the Leaf's and Joe Thornton's signing is up, so we can use that momentum and entice the audience to subscribe to the site by offering a contest.

The contest is for a signed Joe Thornton hockey stick. The stick in question can be relatively cheap, with the value coming from the signature, keeping the cost of the prize low.

The Toronto Maple Leaf's inspired package design plays on two important aspects:


- The colour palette is a clear shout-out to Toronto and the Maple Leaf's, and the limited edition branding entices fans to pick it up

- Jumbo Java is a personalized flavour that ties Joe Thornton to the branding and uses the momentum from his recent signing to translate to new subscriptions


QR codes have proven to be extremely useful at leading consumers to information we want them to see.

It is cost effective and very easy for the user to interact with. Anyone with a smart phone can scan, and the QR code can link to wherever we want. In this case, to the subscription landing page.

Once they signup they are automatically entered into the contest for the stick. It's simple to track who uses the code to subscribe, as we can use certain analytical databases to track.


The social media marketing campaign is simple in design, yet effective at translating the required information. 

Instagram was chosen as the preferred medium because the traffic is higher in comparison to other social media apps when it comes to contest interaction.